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Leucoderma is the gradual loss of melanin, a skin pigment from layers of skin. In this medical condition, white patches occur all over the body including face, scalp, and genitals.


Scientifically this disease is neither caused by any germs nor is it due to bad blood. This disease is neither considered to be infectious nor contagious. Excess mental strength or worry, gastric troubles, improper liver functions, excessive consumption of contradicting food items and burns or injuries can be considered as the causes of Leucoderma. However, this condition is common in sufferers of thyroid, anemia, and vitamin deficiency.


  1. Milky white patches on the skin
  2. Premature graying of scalp hair, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard
  3. Loss of colour in tissues inside the mouth


Homeopathic treatment offers complete healing as it goes to the root of the problem by helping build up immunity and restores pigmented patches back to normal skin colour. Since poor digestion and improper diet is the root cause of this disease, the patients are advised to follow the correct diet to prevent recurrence of the disorder.

Homeopathic Treatment:

There are ample numbers of medicines for Leucoderma. But exact medicines are selected on the basis of individual case and symptoms. As homeopathy treats from within, it is very unlikely that the patches reappear again. It is highly recommended to avoid self-medication as it can cause more skin damages. Homeopathic medicines are cost effective and easy to use with no after effects.