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Diabetes is generally a metabolic disorder in which glucose level in blood is elevated this condition is called Hyperglycemia.


Type –I (Insulin dependent Diabetes): It is due to insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas.

Type-II (Non insulin dependent Diabetes): It is the condition when the body is unable to utilize the insulin produced by pancreas.

Causes of Diabetes

Genetic, Mental Tension, Irregular Eating Habits, Lifestyle, Pancreatitis etc.

Main causes of Type II Diabetes

Obesity, Family history of Diabetes, High level of Corticosteroids, High blood pressure, Hyperlipidimia, Pregnancy, Certain drugs and poisons which interferes with the production of insulin.

Symptoms of Hyperglycemia

Excessive Thirst, Polyurie (Frequent Urination), Losing weight in spite of excessive appetite, easy exhaustion, weakness, Dimness of vision, Numbness in extremities, itching in genitals, Recurrent boils and other skin infections.


Delayed healing of wounds, Gangrene of distal extremities, Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetic retinopathy, kidney failure, Diabetic ulcers, Heart Diseases,.


In modern medical science the treatment is focused to stabilize the level of sugar in the blood, it is achieved by external supply of either insulin or some other drugs, and maximum patients have to take medicines lifelong.

Diabetes Homeopathic Treatment

Diabetes Homeopathy Treatment is not only able to control the sugar level in the blood but also able to remove the root cause of disease. Diabetes Homeopathic Doctor can be helpful in both Type-I and Type-II Diabetes.

Diabetes Homeopathic medicines not only stimulates Pancreas to produce insulin but also increases the glucose acceptability of the cell, hence maintain the blood sugar level and also saves the patient from taking medicines lifelong.